How to benefit from our offers

After submitting a request to subscribe to our services via the following , Link Prices.

The first phase :
They will be contacted by one of our business consultants to verify your request
A customer account will be created for you in our database
One of the people in the direct support team contacts you so that he is the link between you and the other teams, whether design, programming, protection, analysis, advertising... etc. According to the requirements of the situation
After taking into consideration the information you provided to our team, including:
- Application name and website name
- The basic colors of the design
- Target country
- Logo and slogan design

The second phase :
The work is divided into several teams according to specialization
- Programming team: It customizes the code to suit your requirements
- Design team:It creates an official logo and adjusts the design, whether for the website or the application, to suit the main colors that you have chosen
- Security and servers team: It creates and installs your business servers and ensures their continuous and efficient operation
- Management and data processing team: It has several functions, in this case its role is limited to linking your accounts with domains and uploading the application to the main platforms
- Advertising and publishing team: It creates advertising videos and promotional images that suit your advertising campaign
The first and second phases take at least 7 days as a minimum

The third and final phase:
Your application and website are running and ready to receive visitors and customers
We remain ready in case you want to do intensive or special advertising according to your type of subscription
The live support team follows up on updates and keeps you informed
You are provided with your own control panel


A domain name is what people type into their browser to find a specific website, just as you use a street address to find a specific building. Every website, server or digital device connected to the Internet has a specific IP address that you can use to view or visit it. This IP address is a long string of numbers and letters that is very difficult for people to remember, so a domain name is simply the human-friendly version of this IP address

Registering a domain is very easy: search for your favorite domain names, proceed to the payment process, and then submit your contact information. Your new addresses will be live on the web in no time.

Servers and hosting

The server is like a computer, it is not much different from it, but it has technical capabilities and special specifications that surpass ordinary computers with cooling systems. The server differs from computers in operation, as the server operates throughout the day, week, and year without interruption or technical problems, so there must be systems Cooling helps stabilize the temperature and ensures that it does not rise to a high point that could cause a server fire, as your site is not supposed to stop working over time.

There are many factors and standards that determine the most appropriate hosting for your application or website
The larger the number of visitors to your website, the better it is to choose between the Virtual Private Server and the Dedicated Server. However, if it is a personal website and does not have a large number of visitors, then shared hosting suits you.
Is your website personal or a website affiliated with your business or company? In general, it is preferable for companies to obtain a full Dedicated Server for many reasons, the most important of which is complete control over the server and increased security of the data and databases on the server.
Don't worry about these details, we do all the work for you

Programming and development

There are about 600 programming languages, some of which are famous and others are less known or perhaps no longer used. These languages differ according to their use, purpose, ease, and features they provide... Python, JavaScript, PHP, C#, C++, Ruby, and Swift are among the most famous and common programming languages. And use.

Relying on people who are not qualified to design and develop websites can lead to significant losses and the loss of your company’s position and name among competitors. Therefore, using our website design and development team guarantees you a high level of professionalism and efficiency by ensuring that all elements and standards of graphic design are present. The software is developed based on the expertise of our qualified team, which listens to you and guides you towards the latest developments that you can benefit from and even save you time, money and effort.

We offer you easy and simple steps to obtain a professional website and application through direct communication with the specialists in our company who care and listen to your goals and vision regarding the idea and thus design your site step by step from A to Z until the implementation stage under the supervision of a team of designers and programmers who deal with your site and according to your work. They also guarantee full modifications and maintenance to your site after development.

graphic design

"Graphic Design" is visual communication made by the graphic designer based on the client's request with the aim of conveying a specific message or group of messages to the target audience. Visual and visual communication through graphic design uses combinations of symbols, shapes, icons, drawings, pictures, and words. We can find graphic designs in various types of websites, magazines, advertising, products, goods, merchandise, and services.

In the graphic design specialty, specialized programs are used for this type of design, such as Photoshop and other programs that provide and make available all the necessary tools that the designer needs, such as controlling images, fonts, colors, sizes, dimensions, dimensions, shapes, symbols, and texts.

Graphic design is included in many fields nowadays, as every design that is created digitally includes graphic design. We can divide these areas into:
- E-Marketing
- Publications design
- User interface design (UI)
- Motion graphic design
- Infographic
- Art Design

Advertisement and publicity

Advertising is a paid means of communication through which brands target customers. It is one of the pillars of the marketing strategy that companies adopt to highlight their brand, and through it they seek to influence the target audience. It is the cornerstone of launching any advertising campaign for those companies through their marketing channels.

No matter how different the types of advertisements are, they seek the same goals. In general, the most important goals that ads aim to achieve are:
- draw attention
- Arouse interest
- Generate desire
- Directing customers towards action